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Project Overview

The first version of this app was my Django capstone project during the Summer 2019 session at PDX Code Guild, Portland, Oregon.

Its creation was inspired by a KPTV news story about a girl scout troop whose trailer full of camping gear was stolen the day before a big trip to Crater Lake. At the eleventh hour, neighbors, friends and family rallied to ensure the troop had the gear they needed to take the trip as scheduled. People loaned or donated tents, sleeping bags, stoves, tarps, lights, etc.

For anything that was on loan only, the scout leader presumably had to keep track of who each item belonged to. Why not make an app that makes it easy for neighbors, friends, family, teams, hobby groups, basically people that know each other IRL (in real life), to share their stuff?

Think of it as a virtual library for more than just books. You might find games, garden tools, camping gear, sport equipment, beach gear, tools, luggage, ... the list goes on; stuff people have in their garages that's gathering dust most of the time.

This app includes:

  • a user registration system
  • user profile pages
  • a catalog of items that can be checked out from a variety of categories
  • an interface for lenders to add, edit, and remove items
  • an interface for borrowers to request, checkout/check in items

Background image credit: Organized Living